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Tamzin Brain-Evans at HypnoChange4U, Bristol - Caronavirus Pandemic: Self-Care
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Peaceful walk through Blue Bell WoodsPeace, Tranquility, Calm and Beauty
The Downs in the snow
Beautiful sunset through natures window
Downs in the fog
Relaxing walk through Baddocks Woods, Bristol, UK
Atmostpheric Fog 2
Sunsetting on City Traffic
Bamboo Drive, Jamaica
Growing strong through all  odds
Deserted Heather Strewn Beach
Nature Grows in the most fascinating places
River rocks
Learn from the birds, take time out from soaring
Rocks Crumble where land and water meet
View from Glastonbury Tor
Standing strong against the odds
Surrounded by a sea of calm
Conscious, Unconscious and the channel between
Glastonbury Abbey, Ancient and Still standing
Shale beach sandwiched between grass and sea
Negril Beach, Jamaica
Negril view over the sea
Sunset in Negril
Sunset on the road
Sunset over the Sea
Negril Sea, visualising a clear sea to clear mind
Crystal clear River, crystal clear mind
River in Wales
The River, Saltford
River in Wales
Waterfall, Byron Bay
View from Symonds Yacht, UK
River, UK
Gardens, Kent, UK
Gardens, Kent, UK
Gardens, Kent, UK
Southampton, UK
Tree, UK
Forest of Dean, Wales, UK
Through the trees to the sky, UK
Forest of Dean, Wales, UK
Tree to the sky, Wales, UK
Foest of the Dean, Wales, UK
Gardens, UKGardens, UKCotham Park, Bristol, UK
Swing Seat in the Garden, Sandwich, Kent, UK
Bench in a butterfly House
Gardens, Kent, UK
Red Flower
Exotic Flower
White Rose
Snow Drops, Leeds Castle, UK
Snow Drops, Leeds Castle, UK
White trumpet flowers
Pink Flower,
Purple Flowers, UK
Green and Black Butterfly
White, black and pale orange Butterfly
Orange Butterfly, UK
Tree, UK
See through the water, see through your thoughts
Greyhound3 Lutterworth
Fire Sky, UK
Suset from the road, UK
Snow Covered, UK
Sky of mood, UK
Beach huts, Kent, UK
Cornwall, UK
Leistershire, UK
Fort, Sandwich, UK
Cornfield, Sandwich, UK
Kent Beach, UKCornfield, Sandwich, UK
Brean Down, UKRainbow, Bristol, UK
Church, Redland Green, Bristol, UKClifton Suispension Bridge, Bristol, UK
Woods near Bristol, UK
Waterfall, Byron Bay, Australia
Byron Bay, Australia
Picturesque Reflection, Byron Bay, Australia
Byron Bay, Australia
Foggy Sunset, the Downs, Bristol, UK
Sunset. Hypnosis
Bluebell, BlueBell woods Bristol, UK
Downs in the snow, UK
Stunning Sunset, pink sky, UK
Downs in the snow, Bristol
Tree in the snow, Downs, Bristol, UK
Sky of fire clouds, UK
Ramsgate, Kent, UK
Sky of fire clouds, UK
View from Glastonbury Tour, UK
Kent, UK
Walls around a garden, Sandwich, Uk
Stone Heart, St Michaels on the Mount, Cornwall, UK
Cornish Pebbles, UK
Flowers in a castle Wall, UK
Beach in Kent, UK
Landsend, Cornwall, UK
Landsend, Cornwall, UK
Minack Theatre, Cornwall, UK
Cornish Coastline, UK
Negril View from the cliff top bar, Negril, Jamaica
Sunset, Negril, Jamaica
Noosa River, Australia
Sunset, UK
Waterfall, Australia
Stepping Stones, Larkhill Tipis
Wales River, UK
River, UK
River, Wales, UK
Stepping Stones, Byron Bay, Australia
Germany, UK
Leeds Castle, Kent, Uk
Trees, Sandwich, UK
View over Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, UK
Gardens, Kent, UK
Forest of Dean, Wales, UK
Forest of Dean, Wales, UK
Forest of Dean, Wales, UK
Foest of Dean, Wales, UK
Forest of Dean, Wales, UK
Cotham Park, Bristol, UK
A bench by the sea, Kent
Snow covered swing, Sanwich, Kent
2 Benches by the sea, Kent
Cactus. Cornwall, UK
Exotic Flower
Yellow flower
Red Daisy
Relaxing in a field of Daffodils moving soflty in the breeze.
Daffodil. Hypnosis.
Sunflower. Hypnotherapy.
Tiny white flowers
Black butterfly with red spots
Orange and Black Butterfly
Black spotty butterflySpider Webb, Cornwall, UK
Relax, calm, beautiful, Clouds, UKIghts Mote, SandwichMinack Theatre, Cornwall, UK
Sunset on the road, UK
Sunset on the road, UK
Relaxation among a Sea of Clouds,
Sun through the Clouds
View from Glastonbury Tour
Sun in the Clouds
Fort Sandwich, UK
The River, Saltford, UK
Minack Theatre, Cornwall, UK
Relaxing by the sea, Kent Coast, UK
Hypnosis on the the road
On the road, Cornwall, UK
Cotham Railway Track
Clifton Suspension Bridge
Ivy House, Bristol, UK
Church, Redland Green, Bristol, UKByrin Bay, Garden, AustraliaByron Bay, Garden, Australia
Byron Bay, Australia
Cloud in the Clouds
Sunset, Bristol, UK
Tree on the downs in the fog
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