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Tamzin Brain-Evans at HypnoChange4U, Bristol - Caronavirus Pandemic: Self-Care
Every successful business owner knows that the success of the business depends on the people who make it work. The people who make it work know that their performance, productivity, efficiency and motivation, depends on their health, happiness, and feelings of well being.
HypnoChange4U offers a selection of cooperate packages designed to look after your Company's employees and your revenue!
Whether you want to simply help your employees to de-stress and boost their wellbeing, or raise employee performance and motivation, HypnoChange4U can help.
Whatever your main objective the end result is the same: boosting profit and employee wellbeing!
You can chose from any existing package or HypnoChange4U can work with you to design a package to suit your business needs.
Relaxation Package   
(Max group size - 8)
The power of relaxation is seldom recognised in the fast paced world which many of us are living in.
In this world of pressure, stress, expectation, and multiple goal achievement, so few of us actually take time out to actively relax.
Some of the benefits of relaxation include:
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Decreasing musle tension
  • Increasing levels of energy
  • Improving sleep
  • Increased concentration
  • Better problem solving ability
  • Greater efficiency
  • Less headaches and pains
Numerous studies have shown that relaxation also helps in the following ways:
  • Decreases the likelihood of heart attack and stroke
  • Significantly reduces the incidence of a 2nd heart attack
  • Protects you from mental health problems
  • Improves your immune system function
  • Aids memory and learning
  • Improves coping skills
  • Improves feelings of wellbeing
This package is designed to help your employees relax and de-stress and consequently boost creativity, productivity, and general performance.
The key objective is to teach your employees the power and benefits of using relaxation to improve health and wellbeing.
The workshops are delivered in the following order:
1. Learn basic relaxation techniques*
2. General de-stress session
3. Positive visualisation mood lift
4. Learn some self-hypnosis
* The first session can last up to an hour and a half.
Performance Package   
(Max group size - 8)
Designed to: help employess manage stress levels and use that energy in a helpful focused manner; alleviate anxieties, calm nerves and boost confidence; raise levels of motivation; and improve performance and productivity.
This package is delivered through a series of directive, solution focused, workshops. There are 5 sessions in total and each session lasts an hour*.
The workshops are delivered in the following order:
1* - Learn to relax and de-stress 
Contracts signed
Explanation of Hypnosis
Delivery of Hypnosis
2 - Controlling and Letting go of Anxieties
3 - Boost your Confidence and feelings of Competence
4 - Maximise your Motivation
5 - Achieve your limit and go beyond
** The first session can last up to an hour and a half.
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